VA – Hot In The Shade: Miami 2K17 [Kinetika Records]

VA - Hot In The Shade: Miami 2K17 [Kinetika Records]

  1. Pimiento Verde (Original Mix) Dennis Cruz 02:00
  2. Control (Original Mix) Joeski 02:00
  3. Highway (Original Mix) Matt Sassari 02:00
  4. Verbs (Original Mix) Sydney Blu 02:00
  5. Electronic Egg (Original Mix) Shosho 02:00
  6. Bad Enough (Original Mix) Piem 02:00
  7. Stranger (Original Mix) Brett Gould 02:00
  8. Percussive Dance (Original Mix) Pablo Say 02:00
  9. Analog Stories (Original Mix) Eddie M 02:00
  10. Keep Your Cool (Original Mix) Alan Nieves 02:00
  11. I See You (Original Mix) Novodisc 02:00
  12. Days (Original Mix) James Meid 02:00


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Artist: VA
Title: Hot In The Shade: Miami 2K17
Label: Kinetika Records
Release Date: 2017-03-17

Dennis Cruz – Pimiento Verde (Original Mix)
Joeski – Control (Original Mix)
Matt Sassari – Highway (Original Mix)
Sydney Blu – Verbs (Original Mix)
Shosho – Electronic Egg (Original Mix)
Piem – Bad Enough (Original Mix)
Brett Gould – Stranger (Original Mix)
Pablo Say – Percussive Dance (Original Mix)
Eddie M – Analog Stories (Original Mix)
Alan Nieves – Keep Your Cool (Original Mix)
Novodisc – I See You (Original Mix)
James Meid – Days (Original Mix)

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